1. i’ve been sucking at everything blogging!!! a s  u s u a l

    umm, life things to put here in case i care later, hmm. focusing on the positives

    goal of working through x-files well underway as almost onto last season ;_;

    final fantasy playthrough meandering slowly as we are sitting in FFV…

    probably bc elder scrolls online, ahhhh

    today i actually worked a bit on Moon Rises [aka book 2 of the dark awakening] which has not happened in foREVER !!!!

    (i finished some things i’d put off and it wasn’t that bad after all)

    next up i’m gonna write a snazzy new chapter w saxon and aisling and nicci havin’ a good ol fight about things and we’ll see what else

    then i get back to merging in what is now the meat of the book which i’ve been looking forward to foreverrr

    im still wondering how many books i’ll have to put out there before it becomes obvious that nicci sometimes or almost always is actually why lots of details and things aren’t covered like it is her brain filtering what is written after all… maybe it’s already obvious, that could be worse?? i assume all my writing is awful. but it’s fun ^_^;

  2. it’s awesome to me when i see people making huge deals about being free to express themselves on here and be honest about themselves and then mocking people who use other social media networks like just ok

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    how i feel when doing anything with git to be honest

    how i feel when doing anything with git to be honest

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