1. few things in life seem as meaningless and hollow as the points earned in Mega Man

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    itisalwaysforapplause said: A very Florida situation: Recently my neighbors were busted as Cuban drug cartels and while confiscating the abundance of weed, the police also had to remove an alligator from their pool.

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    1. Me: what's your favourite color?
    2. Kindergarten girl: any color that can be pizza.
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A transparent Enterprise crew climbing on your blog.


    A transparent Enterprise crew climbing on your blog.

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In the mood…
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    Naglfar, the nordic ship of the dead - the story to it is quite interesting and you can find a lot about it on the internet.

    This was part of my intermediate examintation in March, 2014 and was done in Photoshop (A2).

    The process was really stressfull. Although I really liked the topic (create figureheads for three different ships) it may have not been the best choice for me, because it is so different from what I used to do at that time. It was more something, that I would have liked to see myself in, but was not really ready for it. Nevertheless I am quite happy how it turned out at the end.

    I not actually familiar with Naglfar. I should really start on that read-through of the eddas I promised you guys.